Shari Forbes, Ph.D.

Professor Forbes completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Chemistry and Forensic Science, and a PhD (specialization in Forensic Chemistry) at the University of Technology Sydney. She completed her Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Centre for Forensic Science, University of Western Australia. 

Dr. Forbes joined the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières in the summer of 2018 as 150th Canada Research Chair in Forensic Thanatology. She is the Director of the first human taphonomy facility in Canada for Recherche en Sciences Thanatologiques
[Expérimentales et Sociales], also referred to as REST[ES]

Her research interests include chemical profiling of odours using two-dimensional gas chromatography. Her research is aimed at improving the training of sniffer dogs used in safety areas. Dr. Forbes is regularly called upon to support the work of police officers in locating and recovering hidden or buried traces such as human remains, drugs, weapons and bank bills.