An organization dedicated to connecting scholars in forensic sciences across Canada.

Originally created in September 2018 as a student-led academic group, Canadian Universities for Forensic Science (CUFFS) is a non-profit organization incorporated federally as of August 2020.

Our purpose is to encourage the exchange of forensic knowledge between scholars and professionals from different disciplines and academic institutions. We aim to promote collaboration and interdisciplinary work between forensic researchers from all Canadian provinces, so that we can work together to advance the field of forensic science in Canada.

Our target audience includes undergraduate and graduate students, but also forensic science professionals, scientists and university faculty. Our meetings therefore offer a networking opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to connect with relevant scholars from their respective field.

Meet Our Team

Élisabeth Cuerrier-Richer, M.Sc.
Executive Director
Mélissa Bernard, M.Sc.
Board of Directors Member
Mylène Falardeau, B.Sc.
Event Organizing Committee Member
Board of Directors Member
Cathy Tran, HBSc
Administrative Assistant, Communications