May 12, 2022

Bloodstains and Biomolecules: New Research in Time Since Deposition

Thursday May 12th, 2022
4:00pm – 5:00pm
English presentation

In forensic science scenarios, bloodstained evidence is often collected and analyzed only to address the questions of “who” (through source identification by linking DNA to an individual) and “how” (mechanistically by bloodstain pattern analysis). The “when” (time since deposition, TSD) and “what else” (new and improved techniques) is often overlooked and can provide critical medico-legal information for these investigations. In this presentation, I will describe the research in our laboratory that is developing new analytical methods to estimate the TSD of bloodstains. I will also describe how we are creating novel biomaterials that can act like forensic tissue simulants for research and training. If this interests you, come by to see how bloodstains and biomolecules are improving our methods for crime scene investigation at Ontario Tech and around the world!

Dr. Theresa Stotesbury is an Assistant Professor and early career researcher in the Faculty of Sciences – Forensic Science Program at Ontario Tech University in Canada. Her research program sits at the exciting interface of forensic chemistry, materials science and bloodstain pattern analysis. Her research group characterizes forensic evidence and how they degrade in the environment, and also develops novel biomaterials, like forensic blood substitutes, for training and research applications. She has published over 30 manuscripts and 1 patent in forensic chemistry and materials science. Dr. Stotesbury regularly collaborates with practicing members of the forensic community and has held a previous appointment of Research Scientist at the Ontario Provincial Police.


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