Tharnia Thavalis

Tharnia Thavalis is an administrative assistant, with a specific role in finance, of Canadian Universities for Forensic Science since October 2021.

She is a final year undergraduate student pursuing her degree in Forensic Science at Ontario Tech University (University of Ontario Institute of Technology). Her major’s specialization is Forensic Chemistry and she is also completing a minor in Biology. Tharnia is also an Honours Thesis Research Student, working alongside the Centre of Forensic Sciences. Her project focuses on the preparedness of the Ontario Criminal Justice System to Accept Evaluative Reporting in Forensic Expert Reporting and Testimony.

Tharnia is the Vice-President of Communications for the Ontario Tech Forensic Science Student Association. She has also held executive positions for many other student societies and associations. She is interested in continuing her education in Forensic Sciences post-undergrad in order to enhance her knowledge of the field.